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Our Services

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

You can improve your conversion rates and sales if your landing page is targeted and relevant to your customers search/intent.
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Website Design and Build

Website Design and Build

Don't have time to build your own website?

But you know you want it done right, using the StoryBrand framework!
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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Let us take the hassle and the uncertainty out of SEO. We’ll write your blogs, manage your on-site optimization and give you simple, transparent monthly reports.
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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We will use the StoryBrand Framework combined with our own decade of experience to dominate your niche on social media.
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StoryBrand Brandscript

StoryBrand Brandscript

Humans are hard wired to connect with stories. If you have read the book and your organization needs a compelling Brand Story, we can help.
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Website Blueprint: Wire Frame

Website Blueprint: Wire Frame

Once you have developed a clear brand story, we’ll map out a high-converting website.
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Email Copywriting & Lead Nurturing

Email Copywriting & Lead Nurturing

You need a series of emails to help you build trust and sales.
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Marketing Funnels and Ads Management

Marketing Funnels and Ads Management

If you already have a great website and nurturing strategy, we can work with you to create targeted online ad’s that will skyrocket your leads.
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Helping your business grow isn’t just work to us, it’s our mission.

20 years Experience

We own multiple businesses that run with little input. We understand systems, company branding, processes, and what makes marketing work.

Funnels Expert

With more than 10 years of training businesses around the world, we know how to develop a funnel that will make you more sales.

Sales Expert

More than 25 years of experience in the sales process, storyteller marketing, analysing sales funnels, scripts, brand strategy and marketing strategy.

StoryBrand Guide

Helping clients from 7 countries implement a brand strategy and create an effective marketing plan utilising storyteller marketing and the StoryBrand Framework.

Full Marketing Agency

We are a digital marketing agency that includes 2 Storybrand guides, copywriters, graphic designers, SEO specialists, digital advertising gurus, web developers, programmers and social media gurus. You are in good hands.

Business Made
Simple Coach

Coaching clients all around the world on business success. If you want results and to rebrand your business to convey a clear message to your customers, we are your team.

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"I understand how important it is for you to grow your business.

Having the right StoryBrand Team trained by Donald Miller, in your corner ensures you are never left behind by your competition!"
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Transition Point
Transition Point
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If you're wanting to your elevate your brand to be attractive to your customers, do yourself a favour and have James provide a fast review. We loved hearing James talk through his website experience, just as a first time customer would do. From here we will now create the plan to create a customer experience to support sales growth.
Katelyn Scrivano
Katelyn Scrivano
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When I received an email saying I could get my website reviewed for free, I first wasn't expecting someone to get back to me. James not only actually did the free website review, but send me a 15 minute live review of my site! I was expecting to maybe get a few bullet points of things he thought might help, but instead I got to see in real time how he viewed the site and he gave me concrete, actionable steps that I worked on immediately to fix. I've since gotten extremely valuable emails with content to continue to help me with my website and my business overall.
Tree Franklyn
Tree Franklyn
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James gave me an invaluable, detailed and thorough BrandScript review, breaking down each section one by one, and showed me areas that were working as well as areas that needed improvement. But he just didn't tell me that they needed improvement, he told me WHY and HOW they can be improved, offering suggestions, ideas and ways in which I could reframe them. It's so helpful to get useful feedback from someone who knows the StoryBrand framework through and through and can help guide you toward your own StoryBrand success. Forever grateful to James for the time, attention and detail he put into my work, he really cares.
William Morgan
William Morgan
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Results & Co took the time to help our small business improve our website and really understand what we needed to reach our target market!
Jace Brown
Jace Brown
Read More
These guys are great! They can tell you more in a few minutes that you will learn in months of reading. Stand on their shoulders!
Chad Price
Chad Price
Read More
Experts in StoryBrand and developing great copy for a BrandScript. Really helped clear up our messaging. Thanks Results & Co.

StoryBrand Framework & FAQ

This StoryBrand FAQ section is here to help you understand the StoryBrand Framework and how it can be used in branding for companies.

Brand stories are being used by companies today with the help of a marketing or branding agency to build audience engagement, gain their trust and to fuel sales as a complementary marketing strategy to a business’s traditional advertising campaigns. 

Unlike advertising which relies on a show and tell method of delivery, a brand story is relaying stories to an audience and evoking an emotion, hopefully creating a ‘feel good’ experience that flows onto others.

The concept of a brand story is not something new though. Iconic brands like Coke-a-Cola, Disney and even the Red Cross have long realized the power of stories in connecting with their audiences.

Until recently, Brand Narratives or Brand Stories were somewhat abstract.

Not any more…. Donald Miller has developed a Framework that allows ALL brands to easily develop a compelling Brand Story. 

Like the big brands in the industry, you can transform or rebrand your business and get your customers to listen to what your business has to offer.

important things you should know

StoryBrand FAQs

The StoryBrand Framework is a popular marketing messaging tool among business leaders that allows organizations to clarify their message using a seven part-process that leverages the power of story. Used correctly, this powerful tool can help your business become a valuable asset in the lives of your customers.

A StoryBrand Guide is a marketing specialist who has been trained in the StoryBrand Framework. The StoryBrand Framework helps companies grow, fast. A StoryBrand Certified Guide is qualified to help businesses create and implement marketing based on the StoryBrand Framework.

Storyteller Marketing is a method that uses creativity and storytelling to create authentic connections with your customers. Customers want to connect with businesses that they believe in.

Marketing and branding for companies can be more effective by making these connections by using the power of the story.

The StoryBrand Framework is an example of this strategy.

A StoryBrand Brandscript is a one page template, allowing brands to define and clarify their core marketing message. A BrandScript contains seven narrative/story elements. This helps Brands speak a language that customer are more likely to connect with.

According to Bernadette Jiwa: The word STORY often causes confusion because we think of stories being told and heard, a bit like other traditional advertising messages. But brand stories are experienced and felt. A brand story is more than a narrative. The story goes beyond the copy on your website, the text in a brochure, or the presentation used to pitch to investors. Your story isn’t just what you tell people. It’s what they believe about you based on the signals your brand sends. The story is a complete picture made up of facts, feelings, and interpretations, which means that part of your story isn’t even told by you.

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