21 Excellent Ideas for Your Next Real Estate Instagram Posts

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Social media can be a powerful tool for connecting with potential real estate clients. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that has brought success to many companies; it’s essential to keep it updated and personal to show authenticity.


While Instagram is an excellent tool in real estate social media marketing, not everyone knows what makes perfect real estate Instagram posts. Although testimonials are great, it’s not a good practice to only share testimonials, listings, and other company or product-centric posts.


It is time to upgrade and provide Instagram content that people like and trust.

Open House

Many real estate companies overdo Instagram postings on open houses. There is nothing wrong with posting open houses on Instagram, but you need to do it correctly.


Use Instagram to share brief information about open houses. It’s easy to advertise on Instagram and spread the word to increase your client base and attract potential buyers. Share a beautiful photo or a series of images that will help you to promote your listing.


Closing photo

Closing photos are another Instagram post that real estate companies tend to overdo. If your company wants to post a closing photo on Instagram, do it correctly. One good example is a photo of a family standing outside their new home.


Use Instagram to celebrate. People love success stories, but you need to do it correctly.


If your client is willing to share their success story with you, take advantage of this opportunity. Instagram is a great place to share testimonials and reviews.


Do not forget to tag the family members if you want to include closing photos in your real estate Instagram posts. Be careful not to take advantage of their special day to turn it into an opportunity to promote.


Adding a little story about your client’s family will also add interest to the post, but make sure to ask permission from them first.

Local Photo

As a realtor, you always see beautiful and fascinating things because you are always on the move. If you see something interesting, take a photo and share it on Instagram. It is a great way to show people the beauty of local places.


Seek out things people have never seen before. Show your followers something different about your community. Adding brief information about these exciting places, such as the history, will make your real estate Instagram posts compelling.

Blog Image

If you share a blog image on your Instagram, you’ll be killing two birds in one stone. Make sure that your blog contains valuable information, such as tips on house renovations and makeovers.


After that, make an image based on the information in your blog post and share it on your business’s social media. It will encourage people to read more.


When posting on Instagram, do not post the entire sentence in a blog post. Make it easy for your followers to access the blog post from Instagram.

Team Events

Your team is likely to be frequently attending meetings or other events. Let your followers know how much you enjoy working with your colleagues, including the fun you have together.


If your team is full of passionate and hardworking people, include them in your real estate Instagram posts.


Share some details about an exciting thing your team has done or discussed. Do not forget to tag your team members when you post on Instagram. Make the photos look professional by removing unsightly items, such as water bottles, paper towels, and trash.

Office Life

Your followers probably don’t care what you do on your typical office day. But allowing people to see what you do in your office will add to the authenticity of your Instagram posts.


Let your followers see what it is like to work in your office. It’s a great way to showcase your company’s culture.

Tell a few stories about what you’re working on in the office. Also, include a glimpse of some of the work of your colleagues that you can disclose to the public.

Behind the scenes

Real estate agents can see many interesting situations that can pique the public’s interest. Great examples are an odd-looking garden, a strange bar, a unique local history, or another exciting place or situation.


It can also be fascinating to get a glimpse behind the scenes of an organisation. You can share your day-in-the-life content on social media, such as staging a home or preparing for the conference.


Post about it. It is entertaining and can engage your followers and make them laugh.


However, be careful not to slander your colleagues or their listings or complain about how difficult your job is. Keep your real estate Instagram posts positive.

Thank You Posts

Real estate agents and realtors constantly interact with the community. Receiving good deeds, services, and favours is a part of the trade, such as working with title reps, loan officers, and contractors.


Why not appreciate them by including a simple thank-you note on your Instagram posts explaining how they helped you and how grateful you are?


Tag those people and businesses that have helped your real estate agency and praise them.

Local Things to Do

Post about the possible activities that you can do in a local area.  It gives locals an idea of things to do.


You can piggyback the posts of your clients and other people by sharing them. Tell your followers why they should go, how to get to the place, and what they can do there. Tell a little about your favourite things in the area, and share any insider secrets you know.

Before and After

Post a before-and-after photo when staging a house for sale. Also, try including home transformations into what you post.  People who follow real estate accounts love to see transformations and get ideas for their own homes.


Do not forget to share a positive story about the transformation. Include the homes you have been involved in or have personal knowledge of and leave a brief blurb about them.


Remember not to share photos you see online.


Nice Things

Instagram is an excellent platform to share random and beautiful things, such as a tree or a blooming flower. There is nothing wrong with sharing these nice-looking things once in a while in your real estate Instagram posts, but you shouldn’t overwhelm your entire feed with flowers.


Aside from nature, you can also use images of the nice things that local businesses and people give you. A cake or bundle of flowers are great examples. Tag and thank those people or organisations who gave these nice things to you in your real estate Instagram posts.


Use the object to tell a story if you have information about it. Include the location, tag the person, and write a brief thank-you note.


Company Goals

Give people a glimpse of your goals and projects. Setting goals helps others understand where your company is going. It will be better if you can invite your clients to join you in setting benchmarks.


You can share your company’s progress, but be sure to make it sincere to avoid appearing like you are bragging.

Community Service

Volunteer work can bring your entire team together, whether it’s helping at a local bar or cleaning up a park. It provides an excellent way to draw attention to the essential needs in your community.


Many real estate agents spend time doing volunteer work. It’s a great idea to highlight these deeds on social media by adding them to your Instagram posts.


You can tag the organisation you work with and let them know how they are making a difference. Let your followers know how they can get themselves involved and help others.


Local Markets Statistics

The market stats are an essential tool to determine the buying and selling process. You can share it with your customers to help them and show that you are an expert in your field.


Most of the time, people will ignore market statistics. You will only engage your followers if it is engaging and holds valuable information that makes sense to them. But it can provide an excellent opportunity to prove to your followers that your company is aware of what is going on in your local market.


You can post multiple stat images, but make sure to have one idea per screen. Do not overwhelm your followers with tonnes of information. Make it understandable for a layperson by placing a caption that explains the stats and their importance.



Holidays provide you with many opportunities to have something to add to your real estate Instagram posts. You can post some photos of the event, team parties, and contests.


These holidays include the silly ones, such as Chocolate Cake Day, Croissant Day, and other fun celebrations. Take this opportunity to host a giveaway, which is an excellent addition to your Instagram posts.


Remember to post about holidays sparingly and make sure to adhere to Instagram guidelines for the giveaways.



Almost everyone has a soft spot for animals, and people love to see pets on Instagram. It is a perfect opportunity to let your followers know about your furry friend.


But do not flood your Instagram feed with photos of your team’s pets. One funny picture or two is enough, and include high-quality hashtags.


You can engage your followers by encouraging them to send photos of their pets.


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Inspirational Quotes

Post an inspirational quote from time to time. Use inspirational quotes if you think that your series of posts are starting to get monotonous.


It is best if you can post something that you have never seen before. You can add your brand and share a little information on how this quote affected your life.

Local Restaurant

One reason people travel is because of the local cuisine. It’s a bright idea to highlight the most popular restaurants in your area, whether they are upscale or small-time.


It’s a great way to share your favourite dishes. You can take a photo of the food, menu, or ambience and then tell a little bit of info about why you are there. Is it because you had to make a stop for lunch on your way to meet a client?


Do not forget to tag the restaurant and the people who are at the venue with you. Tell about some fascinating details about the food, such as the taste and uniqueness of it.

Questions or Polls

You can make Instagram more engaging to your followers by posting questions or polls. It will increase engagement and allow you to get to know your audience better.


People love sharing their opinions. It provides you with the opportunity to get to know more about your target market and audiences.


The post does not have to be all about properties. You can post any random question or poll to engage your followers.

It is best to post open-ended questions to make them more engaging and encourage your followers to voice their opinions.


Personal News

Social media is a great way to show more personal or behind the scenes things to make your brand look more authentic. Your followers will view you as a friend and not someone who only does business.


For these real estate Instagram posts, being yourself is the key. Authenticity will make people like you more.

Contests, Competitions and Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to get people involved in your social media marketing strategy. Contests and giveaways can help you keep your followers engaged and bring in new followers. It also communicates to your followers that your business is legit.


Tag the winner of the contest. Post a photo of the recipient along with the prize. You can also mention the other competitions your company is running.


Looking at these tips, you can conclude that authenticity and engagement are the keys to successful real estate Instagram posts. What other Instagram ideas do you have?


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