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8 Business Made Simple Courses: Are These Worth Your Money?

Business Made Simple courses consist of video modules that teach valuable, practical skills in business that offer a straightforward approach, leaving out any unnecessary details.

You’re probably asking, “Why do I need to take these courses?” “Are Business Made Simple courses worth it?” “How can I assure that I’ll get what I need by taking these courses?”

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Why Is Lifetime Education Important?

With the growing population of this world, competition among brands and individuals has become more intense. You can only achieve greatness if you continually develop your skills and knowledge through lifetime education and personal development.

There are several ways you can develop your skills. The first is by going back to school to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The second is by taking workshops, seminars, or online courses.

However, taking up a degree is expensive, not to mention the number of years it takes to graduate. Moreover, there’s no assurance that you can apply everything you learn from it.

Your other option is to take up short courses, seminars, and workshops. Although this option is more economical and practical, not all offers are worth it. With the internet and technology today, everyone can play the role of an expert and set up a course, seminar or workshop.

If you are willing to grow and learn, education and personal development shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Everyone like you who has this willingness to learn deserves to have access to quality education at a reasonable price.


What Is Business Made Simple University?

Here comes Donald Miller, a best-selling author. He founded the Business Made Simple University, an online educational platform, which currently has eight courses.

According to Miller, this website aims to help people like you and your team develop your skills. Business Made Simple courses can help cultivate your productivity, communication, leadership, marketing, negotiation, messaging, emotional IQ, and proposal-making skills.


The Eight Business Made Simple Courses

Business Made Simple University currently offers the following courses:

Hero on a Mission

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is they entrust their lives to fate. It can work sometimes, but if you want to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, take a proactive role and do something about it.

Hero on a Mission is the course you need to learn how to take charge of your life, discover your purpose, and boost your productivity. It is one of the Business Made Simple courses that deals with personal productivity, which can benefit even those who are not into business.

Aside from the video modules, you’ll get a life plan and a daily planner strategically designed to help you become productive and fulfil your life’s purpose each day.

Communication Made Simple

You might think that your campaigns are good enough, but you’re wondering why you’re not making any sales. One of the reasons for it is the failure to communicate a clear message to customers.

Communication Made Simple uses a tried and tested ancient formula that helps you clarify your message through various campaigns. The course comes with worksheets and examples of communication campaigns to help you improve and organize your thoughts and clarify your message.

You will also learn how to repeat ideas without boring the audience or market and eliminate the clutter in messages.

Mission Statement Made Simple

Try to ask anyone in your company or team to answer what your company’s mission statement is. If that person doesn’t know or has forgotten, it only means that your mission statement is not serving its purpose well.

Although businesses can operate without a mission statement, leaders and aspiring leaders in the industry should have one. It is because the mission statement builds the company’s culture and values. It gives the employees direction, purpose, and motivation. It also makes them realize the importance of their role in fulfilling the company’s mission.

Mission Statement Made Simple is one of the Business Made Simple courses to take if you want to improve your leadership skills. It will reveal the five steps that can help you write an effective mission statement that inspires your team to move toward a single goal.

Marketing Made Simple

Marketing Made Simple is one of the Business Made Simple courses that can help you make money. What makes this one different is it teaches strategies, including how to create a five-part sales funnel. Donald Miller said that this course contains everything he wished he knew 15 years ago.

It is the course you need, especially if you find yourself spending tonnes of money on marketing without getting much value in return. Some of what you’ll learn is how to create a wireframe header, one-liner, lead generator, and other marketing tools.

In effect, your website traffic and sales will increase.

Negotiation Made Simple

Everybody has negotiated at some point in life, but not everyone is good at it. If you find that your negotiation skills are costing you a lot, you need this course.

The Negotiation Made Simple is the only one among the Business Made Simple courses that teach how to negotiate ethically without burning bridges. Using the tactics that you’ll learn will make everyone involved happy and satisfied. The reason is that it teaches you not to manipulate but solve problems to achieve a win-win outcome.

Your coach will be Dr John Lowry, the president of the Lowry Group. He has taught this skill to the executives of well-known companies like Nike, AIG, and Toyota.

StoryBrand Messaging Framework

If you think it’s unfair to lose sales to competitors, you need this course. The problem may not be your product per se. It could be that your message is not clear enough to get your customers’ attention.

The StoryBrand Messaging Framework is one of the significant Business Made Simple courses that should be a part of your to-learn lists. It teaches the seven unique categories of messages that will help you clarify your message to engage your target audience or customers.

Enneagram Made Simple

Workplace drama and conflict are unavoidable, but if these happen all the time, take immediate action. These scenarios are destructive to your business or company’s operation.

After all, wasting your time refereeing your team’s arguments and dramas is the least of your priorities. You should be working on the core of your job. To help you with this, everyone in your team can use this Enneagram Made Simple course.

It is among the few Business Made Simple courses that don’t teach about marketing or business. However, it is beneficial in workplace relationships. Everyone who works in other fields like doctors, lawyers, or even homemakers will also benefit from this course.

What you’ll learn from Enneagram Made Simple are the different types of human personalities and the strengths and weaknesses of each. You will know who you are and how to work with others.

The instructor is Ian Cron, a world-renowned Enneagram expert who has taught this skill to huge companies.

Proposals Made Simple

If you are constantly losing a deal, there might be something wrong with the way you write your proposals.

Winning proposals guide the readers into closing a deal with you. If yours doesn’t have this characteristic, you need this course.

Proposals Made Simple will teach how to write the cover letter, hook, solution, plan, price, guide, and call to action. It is among the Business Made Simple courses where you can get a free template, which will help you write a winning proposal that will get you close to the deal you want.

Now that you have the overview of the Business Made Simple courses, you can understand why many people commend these.

Business Made Simple courses are available on Donald Miller’s online educational platform, Business Made Simple University. If you want to start watching the modules, all you have to do is sign up either as an individual or for a team.

After that, pay the annual fee of $275 for the individual plan or $500 for the team plan. Then, you’ll get access to all eight courses. It is up to you if you want to take up all these courses or just take up the ones you need.


Are Business Made Simple Courses Worth It?

The answer is yes.

Business Made Simple courses use a straightforward approach. They address the typical business issues starting from workplace relationships to making sales.

Going to school is beneficial, but the Business Made Simple University is an excellent, practical, and economical alternative. It is the best option if you don’t have the budget or time to go to school to finish a degree.

Business Made Simple courses are unlike any others, although some are undoubtedly excellent as well.

However, Business Made Simple’s edge over the others is its straightforward approach. You’ll also get a workbook for each course to apply what you learn and the appendices you can use as a reference.

What makes Business Made Simple University an even more attractive option is its cost. You’ll get a lot at a reasonable price. After finishing each course, you’ll be well-equipped with skills when it comes to leading your team, communicating with them, making marketing collaterals, and a lot more.

Because of these, the Business Made simple courses are worth it. If you need someone to help clarify a message or develop the best marketing strategy, hire a StoryBrand guide. Contact James Hannan, owner of Results and Co and a StoryBrand Guide in Australia, for more info.

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