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Boost Customer Engagement Even if You’re New to StoryBrand

Fourteen percent of small businesses fail because of poor marketing, and equal percentage fail because they overlook their customers’ needs. 

In the competitive market, small businesses (like yours) struggle to get noticed. You’ve invested resources in various marketing materials, hoping something would stick, but no efforts have made a significant impact.

The time and money seem wasted, leaving you frustrated and feeling helpless.

You know your products are of superior quality compared to your competitors. So why are your competitors attracting more customers while your business lags behind?

Effective messaging is not just about making flashy marketing materials that say your product is the best. It’s about having a clear and engaging way to tell people who you are and what you offer. StoryBrand is a method that can help you do this well.

Why Clear Messaging is Business-Critical

Having a product or service isn’t enough in today’s competitive business environment. You need a compelling brand message that connects with your customers. A clear message lets your target audience know who you are and what you can do to help solve their problem. 

You can create a clear message, but making it engaging and interesting is where it becomes challenging. This is where the StoryBrand framework can help you.

The StoryBrand Framework simplifies the process of crafting a compelling narrative for your brand. 

The StoryBrand Framework is discussed in Donald Miller’s book “Building a StoryBrand.” It is a best-selling book on how to create a concise message that drives sales and customer engagement. It offers a roadmap for businesses to use storytelling in their marketing efforts.

What Is the StoryBrand Framework

The book “Building a StoryBrand” explains that the framework has seven parts that can help you figure out the problems your business solves and how to talk about that in a way that reaches your potential customers. 

It focuses on what your customers want, the problems they face, and how you can help them.

The Seven Parts of the StoryBrand Framework

  • A character
  • Has a problem 
  • Meets a guide
  • Who gives them a plan
  • Calls them to action
  • That helps them avoid failure
  • And ends in success

To learn more about how you can use the StoryBrand Framework for your business, schedule a free call with a StoryBrand guide

Resources to Learn About StoryBrand

The StoryBrand Framework, crafted by Donald Miller, serves as an instrument for companies aiming to refine their communication and resonate with their client. 

Here are the ways you can learn more about it:

“Building a StoryBrand” book by Donald Miller

This book is a cornerstone for those keen to learn the StoryBrand Framework. Miller talks about its seven parts, offering real-world examples and tips.

Business Made Simple University

This digital platform has lessons on different business-related topics, the StoryBrand Framework being one of them. It’s an excellent tool for those who appreciate a well-organized, lesson-driven way of understanding.

StoryBrand Workshop

Here, participants get an in-depth look at the StoryBrand framework with the experts. It’s a paid comprehensive learning experience, ensuring attendees leave with an in-depth understanding of the framework.

Free consultation with a certified StoryBrand guide

With a free consultation, you will have your website reviewed, and you’ll learn how StoryBrand Framework can improve it. Just book a call.  

Success in Action: Real Businesses, Real Results

Here’s an example that proves that StoryBrand Framework works in growing a business and connecting with customers. 

The Company

MKJ Projects, a building and construction company, wanted to grow its customers. 

They faced challenges in marketing and were unsure about the best strategies to use. Recognizing the need for expert help, they reached out to Results and Co’s StoryBrand guide.

Implementation of the StoryBrand Framework:

Results and Co took a holistic approach to MKJ Projects’ marketing needs. We use the StoryBrand Framework to clarify MKJ Projects’ messaging and position them effectively in the market. This involved:

  • Brand Messaging: By understanding MKJ Projects’ unique value proposition and the problems they solve for their clients, we crafted a compelling narrative that resonated with their customers.
  • Website Design: Using the StoryBrand Framework, we designed and built a new website for MKJ Projects. This website was not just visually appealing but was also structured to guide visitors through a clear journey, positioning MKJ Projects as the solution to their construction needs.
  • Social Media & Email Marketing: With clear messaging, Results and Co also developed strategies for MKJ Projects to engage with their audience on social media platforms and through email marketing campaigns.


The impact of the StoryBrand Framework on MKJ Projects was fast. Within days of launching the new website, MKJ Projects secured three new construction jobs, an achievement they had never reached with their previous website. This success proves the power of clear messaging and effective marketing strategies.

“Within days of taking the new site that James, Naomi, and team (StoryBrand guides) at Results and Co designed and built for us, we had 3 new construction jobs. This had never happened before from our previous website. We see Results and Co as part of our team, partners in our success.” – Michael Jones, MKJ Projects Owner.

Engaging with Experts: Why Work With a StoryBrand Certified Agency?

Why work with a Storybrand certified agency

Nowadays, everyone can say they’re experts in just about anything. Marketing and branding are no different. 

But when you’re thinking about using Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Framework, it’s best to work with a certified StoryBrand agency. Here’s why:

  • Track Record: Being certified means the agency has been trained straight from Donald Miller’s team. They’ve got the know-how and the skills to get results. Their certificate is like a badge of honor showing they’re the real deal.
  • Proper Application of the StoryBrand Framework: Although Donald Miller’s “Building a StoryBrand” is a great read, it gives you the basics. A certified agency has gone the extra mile to learn the nitty-gritty details and can turn them into real-world plans for businesses.
  • Expert StoryBrand Guides: When you’re with a certified agency, you’re also tapping into a whole community of guides who are experts in StoryBrand marketing.
  • Clear and Coherent Messaging: An expert ensures your message stays crystal clear, no matter where it’s shared.
  • Always in the Loop: Marketing’s always changing. Certified StoryBrand agencies are on the ball. They’re always catching up with the latest from the StoryBrand and digital marketing world, making sure you’re always ahead of the curve.
  • All-Around Strategy: It’s not just about words. A certified agency gets the big picture. They’ll incorporate the StoryBrand Framework into your marketing strategy, making your messaging coherent and relatable in all platforms.

It’s time to boost your business and create a better connection with your customers. Schedule a call with a StoryBrand guide today.

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