3 Best Reasons to Take up the Business Made Simple Enneagram Course

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Workplace drama and conflict are unavoidable, especially in huge companies. Clashes of workers personalities and wrong job placement are issues as well.


All these workplace issues can cost you time and money. You have to be the referee or peacekeeper in handling these situations instead of focusing on what’s important in your business. Worst, it makes employees hate their job.


Workplace conflicts are inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot reduce their chances from happening. Business Made Simple Enneagram discusses how people should use their strengths and weaknesses and understand other people’s personalities. It informs about the ways you can get rid of these conflicts.


Business Made Simple Enneagram is one of the Business Made Simple University courses founded by Donald Miller. Find out more about this course and the reasons you should take this up.

What Is Business Made Simple Enneagram?

Cornell University partnered with Green Peak Partners to study 72 top-level CEOs. The aim is to figure out that one key trait, which is the reason for success. They found out that it doesn’t have anything to do with grit or determination, but self-awareness.


According to Dr Tara Eurich, many employees believe they are self-aware. But, her team found out that only around 13% of company employees do. This number only proves that every company should seriously promote self-awareness by holding seminars or workshops.


Donald Miller understands the importance of a course that cultivates self-awareness. At his online university, the Business Made Simple University, Miller included enneagram as one of the current courses.


Ian Morgan Cron is the coach for the Business Made Simple Enneagram course. He is an expert who has taught several successful company executives and employees about it. He is the author of the best-selling enneagram book, “The Road Back to You.”

Why Study Enneagram for Self-Awareness?

Enneagram is an ancient typology system that identifies people in different kinds of interconnected personalities. It introduces the nine-point diagram that illustrates the types of personalities and their impact on each other.


Everyone has an unchangeable dominant personality type moulded by two different factors, experiences and environment. Even so,  it also teaches that everyone doesn’t have one pure personality type. Humans’ overall personality consists of the dominant and adjacent types, also known as wings.


Many studies support the enneagram’s effectiveness. They include the study published in the Journal of Adult Development. They found out that the enneagram was effective in improving the participants’ personal growth and ego development.


Studies in 2004 by Saville and Holdsworth found that the enneagram was comparable to other popular personality tests like the Big Five and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


Another case study, conducted by Contemporary Family Therapy, discovered that enneagram was usable as a therapy tool for counselling and relationships.

How to Learn This Course?

Take this course to learn to become self-aware. Make it as a guide to figure out your traits, motivations, and situations where you will thrive. Also, take this opportunity to learn the other types of personalities that other people have.


Knowing about other people’s personalities helps you learn their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to help them bring out their fullest potential.


After this course, you will become more patient and understanding to people around you. It can also help you develop your leadership strategy if you have to lead a team. Business Made Simple Enneagram enables you to determine the motivation and the environment in which your team will thrive.


As you learn, don’t try to figure out your personality based on behaviour or traits. It is not about why you do what you do. The unconscious motivation determines your personality type, so looking back at your life at an earlier age can help determine your personality type accurately.


Note that you should be careful not to figure out your personality type based on what you want to become.

3 Reasons You Should Take up This Course

Learning This Course Is Beneficial to You and Your Relationship With Others.

Business Made Simple Enneagram makes you examine your characteristics. Knowing what these are can help you determine how to use your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses to reach your full potential.


Learning this course promotes a healthy relationship with other people, not just with your co-workers but also with those outside your work.

Learning Enneagram is Fun

You will know the nine personality types and figure out what’s yours. You will also learn the characteristics of each personality and the dominant traits they have.


The nine personality types based on Business Made Simple Enneagram are the following:

Type 1: Perfectionist

Perfectionists are innovators. They constantly seek improvement but hate delegating tasks.

Type 2: Helper

Helpers are generous and people-oriented. They also love pleasing others to the point of sacrificing their personal needs.

Type 3: Performer

They are optimistic and goal-oriented. Performers also have this need to appear successful at all times.

Type 4: Romantic

The Romantics are the most creative type among the others, but their main passion is envy.

Type 5: Investigator

Investigators are objective and discerning. They’re the best people to ask advice from, but they prefer working alone and hate small talk.

Type 6: Loyalist

They are problem-solvers and trustworthy, but they also dislike delegating tasks.

Type 7: Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts are optimistic and energetic but also unfocused and pleasure-loving.

Type 8: Challenger

They are natural-born leaders and know how to inspire others to follow. Challengers also tend to be overbearing and controlling.

Type 9: Peacemaker

Peacemakers avoid conflict. They love to live in harmony and dislike disagreement with others. But, peacemakers are also lazy.


If you enrol in the Business Made Simple Enneagram course, you will realize that there is more to learn. You will know about a triad that classifies these nine according to one’s dominant emotion.

You’ll Get More Benefits

When you enrol in Business Made Simple Enneagram, you can access the other video courses. You’ll get a downloadable workbook, personal assessments, and scoreboard that make learning more fun and engaging.


After taking up this course, you’ll have a healthier working relationship with your team. If you’re the leader, you will have the ability to maximize your team’s potential and learn to interact with different personalities.


With the knowledge you will learn from Business Made Simple Enneagram, your company will thrive. You don’t have to lose money or waste time dealing with a workplace conflict. You can finally focus on what is vital in your work or business.


Most importantly, you will know yourself better and become self-aware, which is the crucial ingredient in career success.If you want more in-depth information and guidance on your business, contact James Hannan, owner of Results and Co and a StoryBrand guide in Australia.


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