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Business Made Simple Life Plan How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Business Made Simple Life Plan: How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Everyone has a role to play in life, whether you know what it is or not. It can be your lifelong dream or ultimate passion. Sometimes you unexpectedly realise what it is along the way as you walk through your life.


Why Do You Need the Business Made Simple Life Plan

Reaching your ultimate goal is not easy. It involves sacrifices and hard work to get to where you want to be. You also have to take many small steps to get there. Thus, you need a life plan.


Business Made Simple life plan offers a unique way to create goals to fulfil your life’s mission. The more you are unsure about your role in life, the more you need this tool.


You might argue that planners don’t work for you. You might say that you’re spontaneous and prefer working to whatever life gives you. But as Donald Miller says, “Fate is a terrible writer.” Although it might rarely work out, it doesn’t always happen that way.


You can only achieve your life goals if you become proactive. It is what successful people do. They take charge instead of letting fate shape their destiny for them.


Tom Corley, a financial planner, surveyed 233 financially successful individuals. He found that 80% of the surveyed group were obsessed with chasing their goals, carrying out their short-term and long-term plans.


If you think that no planners have worked for you in the past, it is not because life planning doesn’t. The problem lies in the way you use them.


A planner won’t help you live a fulfilling life if you only focus on just one aspect of your life. Many people often make mistakes by focusing only on their career goals. As a result, they neglect the other aspects of their life that also need serious planning.


They also mistake setting their goals based on what society thinks is successful, mostly about accumulating wealth.

These are dangerous mistakes because you will end up regretting your life choices later in life.


According to, the following are two of what most people in their 70s and 80s regret in their lives: One, they didn’t take care of their health when they were younger. Two, they did not resolve family conflict.


Another mistake that people make is that they do not break their big plans into smaller steps. That’s why they feel overwhelmed and intimidated, causing them to procrastinate.


These life planning mistakes only prove that a life plan shouldn’t be all about developing the best career goals or dreaming big.


A business made simple life plan helps you create goals that will not require you to compromise the other aspects of your life to live a fulfilling life.


What Makes Business Made Simple Life Plan Different

The Business Made Simple Life Plan breaks down your big plans into smaller actionable steps. By doing so, you won’t feel intimidated to turn the page of your planner. You will also feel inspired to work and make each day productive.


The Business Made Simple life plan also considers the importance of the other aspects of your life, so you won’t only have to focus on your work or career. It helps you recognise that other things, such as health and relationships, are just as vital.


Business Made Simple life plan will only work when you take up the Hero on a Mission course.


You will learn to identify the role you have to play in life that will make you happy, which you will not regret when you grow old. You will also learn proper prioritisation, which will make you productive each day.



Where Can I Get the Business Made Simple Life Plan

Get the Business Made Simple life plan for free when you join Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple University and take up the Hero on a Mission course.


The course is necessary to be able to understand how to use the life plan and the daily planner that comes with it. These tools are free for you to download. Print it as much as you need it.


Using the Business Made Simple life plan, you won’t feel any remorse as you look back on your life when you reach your golden years. You’ll feel fulfilled, and you can finally tell yourself, “I’ve lived life to the fullest.”


If you need someone to help you change this world through your products and services, contact James Hannan, owner of Results and Co and a StoryBrand guide in Australia.

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