Business Made Simple Mission Statement Framework (4 Ways It Can Help You)

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The Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework can help you write a mission statement that inspires.


When you walk inside a company or search its website, you’ll always see a mission statement displayed on a wall, or it has a dedicated page on its site. Ironically, most employees can’t even recite their organisation’s mission statement, which proves that many companies believe it is unimportant.


You probably ask, “Why is a mission statement important?”, “What is this Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework for?”, “After all, many companies still operate without it, right?”


Why Is a Company Mission Statement Important?

If your only goal is to make money or adapt to the trends, you can throw that mission statement out the window. Many huge organisations have become distracted in the grind of the industry changes, so they develop new strategies and methods even at the expense of their core values.


They don’t know that companies with effective mission statements are the leaders in the industry.


Yes, companies can work and prosper without it for a short time, but the consequences can creep in to destroy them.


There are some organisations with mission statements displayed on their walls, but that’s just it. Some don’t even have one at all.


As a result, the employees working inside the organisation don’t feel inspired at all. Some even engage in activities that are opposite to their organisation’s ideals, tainting its reputation.

News, customers, and other legit sources prove it.


Along with proper implementation and management, an effective mission statement plays an excellent role in cultivating the company’s culture and values. Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework can help you develop a mission statement that works, and your organisation will reap the following benefits:


Unique Brand Identity

Aside from company logos and taglines, a mission statement helps the company have a unique brand. It creates an identity that serves as the foundation for every decision they make. Unlike logos, a mission statement is a way you can directly tell your target market what makes your company different from the others.


The Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework can help you formulate a unique mission statement. It allows you to reflect on your company’s goals, including the issues and risks it faces. Because of this, you’ll be able to create one that strengthens your company’s identity.


Positive Company Culture

The primary purpose of mission statements is to provide a coherent culture that everyone working in a company must follow. It is the foundation of the norms and core values the company has to work on to have a unique culture. It also sets the guidelines on how employees should play their roles following this culture.


Besides shedding light on your company’s goals and situation, the Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework can help you craft suitable values for your company. You need to establish these values, so people will work together to fulfil this mission.


Talented Employees

If you use the Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework, your company’s aspirations, goals, and values will be clear to your employees. Prospect employees applying for a job in your organisation will also see these.


Many applicants research the organisation they want to apply to. Besides the job requirements, employee reviews, and salary range, they search for its mission statement. They want to see if they have the same goals and ideals as the company they want to work with.


Because of this, your mission statement will attract the right people who will embody your company’s culture.


Improved Performance

What makes a Business Made Simple Mission Statement different from the others is that it inspires the employees to work towards a similar goal. It provides them with a clear message on the company goals and the importance of their roles.


Because of this, employees will be happy to work each day. They will wake up motivated in the morning, knowing that they are doing something important.


How Can a Mission Statement Help My Company?

Many companies fail to adhere to their mission statements. However, great companies make sure it is at the core of what they do. One example is Apple.


When Apple’s previous board members fired Steve Jobs, the company’s performance started to plummet. When he got his position back, Apple was already a sinking ship, losing millions of dollars.


Jobs figured out he had to do something. He inspired his company to stop making subpar products to create everything extraordinarily, adhering to Apple’s previous mission:


“To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind” -Apple.


It was the reason his company stopped manufacturing some of its previous innovations, such as the Newton Tablet, Apple Pippin game console, among many others. He even had to fire around 3,000 of his employees because of these discontinued products.


Jobs created a mission statement aimed to provide an extraordinary experience to his company’s customers.

He wanted to revive his company’s values by prioritising the customer’s experience and developing technologies based on it instead of the other way around.


These values have created a considerable improvement in the company’s sales. The next four years after Apple’s near bankruptcy, it manufactured ground-breaking products, the iPod, iPhone, Macbook, etc.


If your goal is to adapt to the current trends, even compromise your company’s core values, forget about writing an effective mission statement. However, if you want to make a change and be a revolutionary leader like Steve Jobs, work on your mission statement.


Although your organisation may not be as massive or as popular as Apple, it doesn’t mean that you cannot become a revolutionary leader. You can start by developing a mission statement that will inspire your team to move toward a common goal.


Use the Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework as your guide.


What Makes the Business Made Simple Mission Statement Different?

Test your company’s current mission statement. Ask anyone in your team to tell you what it is. If that person doesn’t know, it means that it is a failure.


Although your company can still function without an effective mission statement, it may start a problem that will result in irreparable damage in the future.


An ineffective mission statement can cause your business to crumble because your employees don’t feel inspired enough to fulfil their purpose in the company. They will become inconsistent in delivering your brand’s message and representing your company.


That is why Donald Miller created the Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework. He aims to help organisations and business owners to formulate a mission statement that will deliver a clear message to their team, which will be easy for everyone to remember.


Other mission statements are easy to forget because they’re full of details. They are uninspiring, causing people to feel unmotivated.


Donald Miller, the CEO of Business Made Simple, saw this problem. He created a course where you can learn how to write a mission statement that works.


How Can Business Made Simple Mission Statement Framework Help You?

The Business Made Simple mission statement framework helps business owners and organisations formulate their mission statement. The aim is to inspire and motivate their employees and strengthen their organisation’s identity.


Its basis is screenwriting techniques, a five step-by-step guide consisting of the following:

  • Definition of the company’s story.
  • A team’s crucial traits to make the company’s story happen.
  • The team’s vital action to move the company forward.
  • Summary statement creation.
  • Short theme definition.

Donald Miller’s Mission Statement Made Simple course provides tips in creating an effective team engagement, examples of excellent mission statements, and more.


The Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework can help you engage the employees by giving them a clear vision to aim for. If you model yours to it, you can expect growth and your team will have a reason to move forward.


Learn about this framework by joining Donald Miller’s online university. Watch the Business Made Simple Mission Statement Made Simple course and develop one that will inspire your team. If you don’t have any idea how to start, hire a coach.

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Creating a killer mission statement will make your employees never feel like they’re zombies, working aimlessly in your organisation. They will feel motivated and enthusiastic about doing their job. You’ll see that they are more coordinated and consistent because they now have a clear path to walk on. 


If you want to have a guided instruction on applying the Business Made Simple Mission Statement framework to create one for your company, hire a StoryBrand Guide. Contact James Hannan, owner of the Results and Co and a StoryBrand guide in Australia, for more info.

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