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Checking out Business Made Simple University and want an unbiased and fair opinion? Before I give you this Business Made Simple University Review, you need to know one thing. Business Made Simple ROCKS. It’s so much more than an online platform for the business education world.

That first paragraph is my short Business Made Simple University Review answer.

I’ve been creating content, courses and training people worldwide for years. I have never seen a platform like Donald Miller and the Business Made Simple University and StoryBrand team have created.

Its level of professionalism, clarity and real-world practical knowledge that works is incredible.

You could say Business Made Simple University gives hope in one of the most challenging times in human history.

Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple University platform has over 20,000 business owners and executives using it and signed on.  Donald Miller and the team at Business Made Simple and StoryBrand has also created an online course for small business owners; giving real-life answers to some of their biggest questions.

At a time when business owners, network marketers and solopreneurs need to move online, improve their online presence, build a mission statement that unites a team, or work out the personalities of their team, Business Made Simple University is a breath of fresh air. It has given so many small business owners and solopreneurs hope and belief they will succeed.

Donald Miller, the owner of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, proudly states that Business Made Simple University was created to turn the outdated university model on its head and force these institutions to be more relevant and give their students knowledge they will use in the real world.

Business Made Simple University Review of the PRICE

Donald Miller has given this course to give a professional education to anyone who wants it and at a price they can afford. For only $275 per year, you would be hard-pressed to find another course at the quality they deliver.

Most courses are full of “So What” and “blah blah” – they have no substance. You spend the first hour hearing the presenter talk about nothing, hoping they will give you some small nugget you can use to build your business, but it never comes. Business Made Simple University courses are powerful, professional and work. Our courses will draw you into the narrative within minutes, and leave you with pages and pages of notes.

In this Business Made Simple University Review, the price is INCREDIBLE. I don’t know how he does it for his price and continues to produce more.

Business Made Simple University Review of the COURSES

Each course within the Business Made Simple University library is easy to follow and come with downloadable and fillable workbooks and sheets. I have loved these workbooks and sheets; I find myself coming back to them repeatedly for more knowledge. They keep you on track.

You will take small assessments (your answers are kept private no matter how you do) at the end of each Business Made Simple University course. This assessment is a great way to ensure you have retained the most important and relevant points from that part of the course.

The assessment is a great way to get real-time feedback.

At the time of me writing this Business Made Simple University Review, the courses available include:








I have been through most of them and feel like I have eaten an incredible meal at a 5-star platinum service restaurant. It left me wanting more,, but there was nothing more that I needed. I just loved the way the training and the courses were formatted.

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Who is Business Made Simple For?

Business made simple is for:

– Any business owner wanting real-world personal development and training to grow their business.

– The network marketer wanting to become a professional in their industry and stand out from the sea of spammers who bring no real value to their followers.

– The solopreneur who know they must grow their knowledge and skills to stay on the cutting edge.

– The employee who wants to increase their value in the marketplace so they can have a better, more fulfilling life and not be left behind.

– The parent who wants to build better skills at home (the mission statement made simple will blow your mind)

– The student who wants to learn from industry leaders and obtain real-life knowledge they can use immediately.

So yes, Business Made Simple is for EVERYONE…

My Suggestion On How To Use Business Made Simple University!

You’re more than likely busy, and the idea of putting time aside to learn gives you anxiety due to your already overloaded schedule. I get it. I have 5 businesses of my own (2 StoryBrand marketing agencies, a large Network Marketing Business, a Martial Arts Studio and an Online Training Academy specifically designed for the Network Marketer and Small Business Owner to learn social media and online strategies), each of them is large, and so I have had to learn how to meet the demands life throws at me plus continue my education.

I would start at Hero on a Mission. It will help you craft a life plan that will inspire you, write goals you will achieve, and prepare your daily schedule so that you do have time for education without having to drop anything important.

As a Business Made Simple Coach, I run “Hero on a Mission” workshops, and our webinar suggestion is that you pre-register for the next one here: Hero On A Mission Workshop and save your spot.

I will let you know when it’s available and if there is a spot for you.

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