3 Reasons Business Made Simple Workbook Is More Useful Than You Think

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Getting a free Business Made Simple workbook is one of the advantages of taking the Business Made Simple University courses. It allows you to apply everything you learn without face-to-face interaction with Donald Miller or any of the instructors on this online educational platform.


Why Business Made Simple University?

Donald Miller, an author and entrepreneur, founded the Business Made Simple University. He has helped over 3000 entrepreneurs improve their marketing strategies and communicate to their customers.

This online platform is unlike the others. Business Made Simple University currently offers eight courses, with a wide variety of resources, including the Business Made Simple workbook for each of them. That is why this website encourages you to reflect and apply what you learn even without in-person interaction.

Suppose you bought the Business Made Simple book. In that case, you probably have the Business Made Simple Daily in your dashboard, aside from the other eight courses. This course doesn’t have a workbook. It serves as a supplementary learning resource for the book.

Meanwhile, the following courses provide two kinds of Business Made Simple workbooks, one is fillable, and the other is not.

Communication Made Simple Mission Statement Made Simple StoryBrand Messaging Framework Negotiation Made SimpleHero on a Mission Proposals Made Simple Marketing Made Simple

Aside from the workbook, some of these courses come with appendices and links that help your learning.

The Enneagram Made Simple is the only course with one workbook that is fillable. Even so, this resource is already enough to help you to identify your personality type, learn how to use your strengths, and work on your weaknesses.


What Makes the Business Made Simple Workbook Unique?

The Business Made Simple workbook contains some of the valuable info from the video modules. Examples are the key takeaways, which you can count as notes of these courses. Besides that, the workbook also provides some tips on how to learn a particular lesson more effectively.

It usually contains questions or checklists and some space for notes.

The fillable Business Made Simple workbook is a copy of the other one, except that you can write into it using your device. You don’t have to print out this workbook. Directly from your computer, you can answer all the questions and checklists or write your notes in the spaces provided.

Because of this, the Business Made Simple workbook prompts you to reflect on your business needs and apply what you learn as you watch the video modules. You are developing new strategies and plans to use for your business while learning at the same time.


How to Get the Business Made Simple Workbook?

Sign up on Business Made Simple University. It costs only $275 per year for an individual annual plan and $550 for the team plan. Upon joining, you will have access to the eight online video courses that provide solutions to typical business issues like marketing, leadership, or productivity.

The Business Made Simple workbooks are available in each course and are free for you to download.

With the help of all the resources available on this online platform, you can guarantee that you will remember what you learn by the end of the course. Because of the Business Made Simple workbook, you have something to go back to if you forget something.

That is why if you are looking for excellent online business education, consider the Business Made Simple University. You will see how much you will learn upon finishing each course. If you need someone to guide you and answer your questions about business and marketing, find a StoryBrand guide near you. Contact James Hannan, owner of Results and Co and a StoryBrand guide in Australia.

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