Creating a StoryBrand BrandScript 101 – Coming up with your Empathy Statement

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At our very core, humans like to do business with other people, or with brands that we can identify with. It’s in our DNA, our biology…. we are hard wired to connect with people so that we can survive and thrive.


We tend to trust others who understand us, we form trust with brands that understand us, too.


Every day, we participate in a narrative that unfolds on our social feeds and in our daily life. We feel, we connect and we are motivated to get involved with people, brands and causes.


The right narrative (or brand story) forms the building blocks of any great marketing campaign.





Sadly, many brands forget to use empathy in their marketing… and it’s hurting their sales. Without empathy in your brand story, your product becomes commoditized and devalued.


There are countless ways to demonstrate empathy in your brand messaging, but today, I will share a simple method that you can employ almost immediately! Hint: It’s the third element of your StoryBrand BrandScript.




Start by brainstorming., focus on the problem and the way it makes your customer feel. Here are 4 simple phrases to get you started:

We understand …
We Get it …
We know (what it’s like) …
Like you, we are frustrated by …

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Here is an example for an Equine natural food manufacturer:


We know how much your horse means to you. Like you, we are frustrated by all the junk food products in the market….


This is a simple, yet powerful way for you to form an emotional connection with the person you are looking to help (your potential client).


You can use these empathy statements in your social media marketing, on your website, in keynote presentations. They will you form a more authentic and meaningful connection with your customers.


Teach, don’t preach. Use emotion, be vulnerable, be honest, show how you understand them and the problems that they face… position yourself as the guide, not the hero… remember that your customer always the hero.




Below, is a more advanced use of empathy in marketing. In fact, it is probably one of the most successful campaigns ever developed, and it does not mention the product once! The video has had more than 68 million views on You Tube.


Why was it so successful?


With the tagline of ‘you are more beautiful than you think’, the ad elicited a powerful and emotional response in viewers, it ignited a conversation and positioned the customer as the hero… not the brand or product.


Now it’s your turn. Try developing your empathy statements, or better yet, come up with a more creative way to show that your brand understands its customers.

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