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How to collect more leads using Facebook Messenger [VIDEO]

How to collect more leads using Facebook Messenger [VIDEO]


Most business owners get frustrated because they have plenty of traffic or website visitors, but they don’t see enough sales or leads.

So in this video, I’m going to share one simple way that you can use Facebook Messenger bots to deliver more leads to your business. Let’s dive in.

Now, in this example, we’re using a realtor’s website. We’ve installed the Facebook Messenger widget down here, and that’ll pop up after a predetermined amount of time. It could be five seconds or 20 seconds, you get to choose.

And when it pops up, it asks your user a question. In this case, it asks, “How much is your property really worth? “Get a instant appraisal sent right to your phone.” And if that offer, or that question is compelling or engaging to that user, they’ll click on the button and they’ll engage with the bot.

Now, one of the cool things about this, when a Facebook message pops up, it’s less intrusive, it’s a little bit less annoying than a standard website popup that interrupts your whole experience and blocks half of your screen.

The other great thing about Facebook Messenger bots, and you see, this conversation is completely automated. Okay, you don’t have to answer these yourself. You know, a lot of people think, Oh, if I install Facebook Messenger on my website, I’ve got to sit there answering each and every one. But in this case, you’re able to scale, okay? Plus you’re able to spend more time doing the things that you enjoy.

Now, the bot says, “Great, what’s the address of your property?” So you can enter an address, right? So I’m going to type in down here, 2 Blue Street. The bot responds by saying, “Thanks, Jamie, what’s your mobile number? “Mike will text you a price within the next 15 minutes. “Don’t worry, he won’t call you or stalk you, “he’s not that kind of agent.” Now, we like to give our bots a little bit of personality as well. It doesn’t have to be as dry as a web form.

And one of the really big advantages of a Facebook Messenger automated conversation like this is that there is less friction than a normal form, web form. What I mean by that is we’ve asked for the phone number, but it’s already pre-populated because Facebook already has this information. So I can just click on the phone number rather than typing out the number.

Because if you cause your user to have to type their number out, which is pretty standard stuff, there’s a greater chance that they’re going to bounce away from that form and not fill it in, impacting your conversion rate.

The bot then goes on to say, “Hey, super, one more thing. “What’s your email address? “Mike will send you a comprehensive property report.” And you can see there it pre populated my email address so I don’t have to think about it, and I don’t need to type it in. And lastly, the bot will round off the conversation by saying, “Nice work, I’ll send your details to Mike. “He’ll respond in the next 15 minutes. “Cheers, Roy, the chatbot.” And we’ve got a little GIF or GIF image depending on your pronunciation.

One of the other interesting things about doing this as opposed to a… And to me, this is one of the biggest advantages of using an automated bot conversation like this.

What will happen now, and this is completely automated. If you’ve had a conversation with Open Realty’s chatbot, in 24 hours from now, you’re going to receive a followup message.

Now, that might be a nurturing message offering you some sort of value or another guide. The point is, we’ve got another channel that we can follow up through. And the benefit of having another channel is that you get another touchpoint, but on top of that, Facebook Messenger open rates are far higher than email open rates. If you write a good email, you might have a 20, 30, 40% open rate at best. In terms of a Facebook message, you know, if someone sends you a Messenger message, or a message via Messenger, I should say, you are pretty likely to open that.

There are a number of different pieces of software you can use to build these. I use one called, MobileMonkey, you can also use ManyChat, that’s another major brand out there, I think Chatfuel. Look, there are probably dozens of different, chatbot creation platforms that you can use.

But the point I want to make is give it a try, dive in, add it to your website, make sure that the offer is compelling for your users, and you’ll collect a whole lot more leads.


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