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If you’ve been trying to capture more leads on your website but you’re not seeing much success, here are two things that you can do right now that’ll change all of that.

The first thing we need to consider is the reason somebody’s visiting your website. Nobody’s visiting your website to sign up to your newsletter. Hence the reason newsletters don’t work because nobody cares about your newsletter. Nobody wants more emails in their inbox.

However, if you can understand the reason somebody’s landing on your website, the problem that this consumer is facing, and what it is that they want as it relates to your product or service, and then build a lead generator to help them solve their problem and get closer to what they want.

That’s when you’ll have a massive uptake in the amount of leads generated from your website. That’s the first thing. So always keep your lead generator focused on the problem and helping them be closer to what it is that they want, the reason that they are on your website.

Secondly, popups, okay? Now popups, sure, they can work, they have their use cases, but I think in order to generate more leads, you need something a little bit more than just a popup. And if you’ve been observant so far, you’ll notice I’ve got a Facebook Messenger widget that just pops up down the bottom here.

Now, one of the challenges with popups, of course, many people find them annoying, okay? Why do they find them annoying? Well, because it pops up in the middle of, you know, me browsing your website and trying to solve the problem, and you interrupt that user experience and I have to close out of it. And there’s a bit of frustration that occurs, or a bit of overwhelm that occurs, even if it is just subconscious.

That’s the first reason. Secondly, many of your website visitors will have things like popup blockers. So they may not even be seeing your message in the first place.

Okay, so it’s worth considering or worth adding some sort of Facebook Messenger widget. I believe Facebook allow you to create these within its own ecosystem now. I actually use a product that’s called Mobile Monkey. There’s a free version that you can use and it’s pretty easy to use, okay?

So you can have a website widget. And what you’ll notice about this particular one is that it’s not annoying, okay? It’s not interrupting the user experience. Now, if I want to close that so that I can have more view, I can close that, I can go through and consume all the content and information that I want on this website without being interrupted.

Yet it stays there as like effectively a constant popup reminding me that this information is here if the website can’t help me solve my problem, for whatever reason. That’s really, really important.

So number one, always focus your lead generator on the consumer problem, help them solve a problem and get closer to what they want. You’ll see more leads than just, sign up to my newsletter or just download a white paper if it doesn’t help them solve their problem.

Secondly, consider something other than just a popup or a static form. As I said, bots are great because they’re more engaging, they’re automated, you don’t have to respond to each one individually. You can connect this Messenger widget to your CRM so the leads will automatically drop into MailChimp, or Salesforce, or HubSpot and then you can automate a nurturing followup sequence.

So you can build a relationship and build trust with that particular customer as they continue along their journey, hopefully to that path of purchase. So that’s it, there are the two tips. Good luck with that. Hope you collect more leads, hope it was helpful and happy StoryBranding and bye for now, cheers.

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