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7 Tips to designing engaging Messenger Bots, a StoryBrand Guide Perspective.

Messenger bots can be a great way to create engagement, grow your reach, collect more leads and even make sales. But there is a fine line between annoying and engaging when it comes to creating great messenger bots.

Most brands make some common mistakes with their bot designs…. they end up causing frustration with their potential clients.

But before we get to that…

If you haven’t quite figured out how to use Facebook Messenger Bots for your business, here are a few ideas to inspire you:


1. Build brand awareness.

2. Encourage people to visit your product page.

3. Send broadcasts to subscribers to increase your customer lifetime value.

4. Encourage people to visit your product page.

5. Improve customer service.

6. Send Reminders.

7. Collect leads using messenger ads.

8. Qualifying customers, issuing quotes or making product recommendations.

9. helping people book appointments

“The click-through rates are insane: 80% open rates and at least 20% click-through rates — that’s huge,” Neil Patel, talking about Facebook Messenger marketing.

Neil Patel also noted how easy it is to get opt-ins and emails using Messenger chatbots, because no one has to put in their name and email address — when someone interacts with you on Messenger, that key data
is automatically given to you.

With Messenger, you have a new channel where you can deliver messages that won’t get ignored (or blocked by spam filters)…. yet!

This is HUGE!

There is no question that Facebook messenger bots can be
great for business. But many marketers and business leaders are struggling to create meaningful interactions with clients (and prospective clients).

My top 7 tips for designing effective (and engaging) messenger bots;

1. Start with a StoryBrand BrandScript. This will help you clarify
and simplify your message. Simplicity is key here, because people simply wont read large messages. Use language from your BrandScript when designing your bot. Having a clearly defined narrative will go a long way to compelling users and holding their attention.

2. Keep it conversational: This will increase adoption and engagement. Write as you speak (or as your audience speaks).

3. Be transparent; let users know that they are conversing with a bot.

4. Introduce personality: Give your bot a name and consider your brand’s personality. Copywriting for bots is a critical part of the overall user experience. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, people will not engage.

5. Map it out first: Many brands come up with an idea then leave it to the bot designers… Big mistake. Use simple mind mapping software to carefully plan your conversation paths. It will pay big dividends.

6. Know your Objective: Then consider the most effective way to facilitate your customer’s journey towards that objective. One mistake brands make, is that they try too hard to give the consumer ‘all the information’ in one conversation. I always like to start with the objective, then consider how I would communicate this to a friend via SMS. Facebook messenger can be used to send follow-up/nurture messages, so don’t be in a rush to ‘sell’. Instead, try to build a relationship.

7. Test it on a small group: It’s launch day… you are excited, your boss is excited…. pause, breathe. Start with a small group. Perhaps test it with an audience segment in an email campaign. It will help you iron out any
glitches before you go BIG!


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