7 Ways How to Keep Up With the Social Media Trends in 2021

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Every marketer should watch out for the social media trends in 2021, as there are ample opportunities and potentials that await your business due to successful social media marketing. Social media is continuously growing, with more than 3.6 billion users worldwide and still counting.


Social media has been evolving over the years, changing the way brands do their marketing. Knowing the trends can give marketers an edge to stay on top of the game and to make sure your competitors won’t blow you out of the waters.


Social Media Trends in 2021

Here is what you should do to keep up with the social media trends in 2021 if you want to stay ahead of the game.


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Sell Directly on Social Media Sites

Due to having billions of users, it is not surprising that Facebook and Instagram would integrate an eCommerce feature into their services. People can now directly buy the products they see on social media.


That is why you should take this opportunity to display and sell your products directly on social media. Make it easy for your customers. Do not let them go out of your social media site or app, or you will risk losing them to your competitors.

Social Media Trends

Focus on Providing Valuable Content

It seems like the adage “content is king” has never been out of style. In 2021, it is still a trend. It became more evident when the pandemic hit the world.


Because of the COVID-19, everyone has been forced to stay at home, especially during the days of lockdown. More people rely on the internet to get the content they need. The pandemic also challenged various brands to develop content with limited resources, no production studio or high-end equipment.


Despite the situation, some brands took this opportunity to be resourceful and connect with their audience more. A brand will appear more human with low-cost production quality if brands produce content that communicates a clear message.


Make Your Content Short

Aside from providing valuable content, making it short and clear is a social media trend in 2021. This is due to the short attention span of social media users who mostly scroll down to browse content. Thus, you need to provide a concise and clear post that your audience can learn in minutes, such as infographics.


Quality Over Quantity

In recent years, many brands have seen the importance of quality over quantity. That is why instead of bombarding their readers or audience with tonnes of content, they post only the ones that are valuable for their audience.


Experts believe that it continues to be a social media trend in 2021. Brands will post only when their audience is expecting to hear from them.


Because of this, marketers don’t have to stress themselves out creating several articles. Posts that communicate a clear message that connects with your customers will do. Additionally, your audience will appreciate it because they will not feel overwhelmed but will be filled with excitement instead.


Create More Videos

Compared to the other kinds of marketing content, videos are the most commonly used. It is also the second most engaging on social media. Major social media sites adapt to this demand by strengthening their video capabilities.


Thus, brands should take advantage of this opportunity and create more video content that engages their customers.


Be Authentic

In the past, using just a conversational tone to promote your brand was enough, but not in 2021. Because of the pandemic, people are looking for someone who empathises and guides them.


To keep up with the social media trend in 2021, brands should appear more human and be more inviting. Connect to your customers by recognising their support, relating to their situation, and responding to their feedback and concerns.


Go Live

Live streamers on social media have been on the rise since 2019. Since the pandemic, brands brought their events and marketing online. This includes going live.


Marketers can take advantage of social media features to create a live event that will engage and benefit their audience, such as giving tutorials.



As you can see, what customers appreciate the most is the brands’ ability to connect and come to them as humans. Your brand’s role as a guide who empathises and communicates with the customer will win in the end to keep up with the social media trends in 2021. High-quality productions, tools, and equipment are just bonuses.


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