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You’ve got your buyer persona, that’s great! This is how do you use it in your marketing to get more leads and make more sales…

We call this buyer persona marketing.


Doing buyer persona marketing is like playing a magical tune for your client that draws them to your website to make a buying decision. It’s like they can’t help themselves because everything they read, hear and see from you speaks their language.


They look at your content and think to themselves “wow they get me and I trust them”.


Read this article if you’re still unsure about what is a buyer persona.


A business fails when they don’t understand their buyer persona or another name is the customer avatar. They don’t realise how important it is to find out exactly who their customer is and then speak their customer’s language. Their message becomes confusing and unclear. As a Storybrand Guide we say that when you confuse you lose.


Did you download the StoryBrand buyer persona template, if you didn’t grab it here Rather than create advertising, social media and content that their client would be drawn to, they create a mess? Their social media is off point, their website is a disaster and the ads they run are speaking to “everyone” rather than speaking to the individual.


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1. Here’s your first tip for your buyer persona marketing.

Don’t talk to everyone, talk to the individual!

My martial arts master says to me all the time to never say “everyone”. EG: Don’t say “Everyone down this end of the room”. Instead, just say “Down this end of the room”. Can you see a slight difference? One speaks to the crowd and the crowd never listens, the other speaks to the individual and the individual will listen.


Your buyer persona marketing should be as though you are speaking directly to the person. This will ensure they listen to you.

The articles that will get the most views and the emails that will get the most open rates for you are the ones that you make the most personal.


Make them as though you made them ONLY for the one person you want to read it.


The way I like to think when I write an article or email or even my videos is to think just about you. I do my best to write something that keeps you interested and something you would find valuable.


2. It’s time for your second tip on StoryBrand buyer persona marketing.

Take the StoryBrand buyer persona you created with the StoryBrand buyer persona template and create your plan!

You’ve heard the saying, “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”.


Too often you will see the road to success littered with the remains of great ideas, dreams and visions that could have gone somewhere. They could have worked if the business owner had taken the time to create a real plan for their marketing.


Instead of getting some professional advice or training, they went it alone, not realising that the marketing they were doing would never work because it’s either speaking to the wrong people or it’s not following a simple StoryBrand framework that has been proven to work by tens of thousands of businesses around the world. Yes, I am talking about the 7 part framework of StoryBrand.


Avoid becoming a sad story of business failure by creating a StoryBrand buyer persona marketing plan.


Here’s how:

  •  Understand your clients by using our buyer persona template
  • Now that you know your client, create a funnel. Your funnel should consist of: A website, email campaign (minimum of 5 emails that follow a specific structure), A lead generation (eg: a free ebook download), a clear call to action, social media posts specifically targeting your customer persona.
  • Market to the 97% not just the 3%. We talk a lot about the “Larger Market Formula”. The 3% represent the people who are ready to buy right now and while yes you want to be targeting those people, there’s a much bigger market that no one is targeting, the 97%. The 97% represent the rest of the people in your market who are not ready to buy at this time but will be soon.
  • Create WHEN you are going to market to these people… ie: special holidays, events and times of the year may present different opportunities for you and will require you to not be naive to their beliefs, values and standings. This allows you to run specific promotions catering to their needs at that time. I know this may sound simple, however, a crazy amount of business owners don’t put the time aside to plan out their year. It’s not until the date is upon them that they frantically try and create some kind of promotion. If the promotion is a success, they’re left wondering how much better it could have been with some thought and planning



3. 3rd and final tip for your StoryBrand buyer persona marketing.

Invest in some professional advice!

I’d love to say that going it alone is a good idea, but in my 20 years of experience in business and marketing, it’s not. There’s nothing like having a professional run their eyes over your material to give you some advice.


Yes, you will more than likely have to pay for it, however, their direction will be worth its weight in gold and could stop you from wasting money and time on things that won’t work.


As a Storybrand Guide and also a Business Made Simple Coach, I am forever seeing the light come on in my clients’ eyes when they see how simple changes can have the most profound effect.


Here are some of the areas we can give you advice on:

  • Your StoryBrand BrandSript: send us your Brandscript and or one of our team will go over it for you and give you a free review. Yes, we also offer a platinum service on this where we go into more detail. The basic review is free or we can do a more in-depth review for $300 USD.
  • Your website: We can go through your website giving you direction on what could change and why, and how to generate more leads.
  • Your social media marketing: We are experts in Social Media and can help you learn how to craft the perfect post and templates.
  • anything marketing really…


StoryBrand buyer persona marketing will open up a whole new world for you, a world where you attract more customers for your business and make more money. If you haven’t done this yet, download the Buyer Personal Template now, you will love it.


Also if you haven’t joined our community on Facebook for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers. Head over there now.


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