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2 Mistakes Most Brands Make with their 'Call To Action'

2 Mistakes Most Brands Make with their ‘Call To Action’


Let’s talk about calls to action, okay? We’re going to talkabout something that you might think is really, really obvious or really reallysimple or maybe that you’ve got it right but let me share with you this simple

This is a bus hire website, here in Sydney.

When we made these two small changes their conversion rate went up four times. In order words, they got four times the amount of quote inquiries coming to their organization compared to the website they had prior.

Now this isn’t a super flashy or overly fancy design website this is a really simple, clean, clear website but the main shift or the main uplift in results came from these two tips in terms of the direct call to action.

Number one, is your direct call to action clear and simple?

Okay so get an instant quote is unambiguous, it’s very clear. When somebody clicks on this call to action it’s super obvious what we’re asking them to do. The small tweak we also made here is we changed the system. Instead of saying, get a quote, we put get an INSTANT quote. That one word had a dramatic effect on conversion. It’s about understanding where your customer is in that journey and how your customer right now is looking at your website, another bus hire website, and another bus hire website. Just looking for the thing that nudges them out of that exploration and consideration phase of their marketing journey into buying your product, okay? GET AN INSTANT QUOTE, when all your competitors are saying ‘get a quote’ is far more appealing. It’s about understanding what your consumer is looking for at the very moment they are on your website.

Now, the second tweak we made here is repetition, okay?

If you have a look, we got get an instant quote up here onthe top right hand corner, get an instant quote also repeated above the fall
before you even start scrolling. Okay so it’s super obvious what we’re askingthis consumer to do, what we want them to do, where we’re guiding them, okay?
We’ve repeated the direct call to action something like six times on thehomepage alone. People need to see the information multiple times in order fortheir brain to process it. Okay, I know this sounds simple guys but make these small changes, you’ll see a big result, a big uplift in your conversion rate and stay tuned for more tips, okay? StoryBrand tips. Cheers, and bye for now.

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