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800% Increase in lead generation using StoryBrand and Messenger Bots

800% Increase in lead generation using StoryBrand and Messenger Bots

StoryBrand Gym Testimonial

Gym & Fitness Industry by Results & Co.


StoryBrand has helped grow thousands of businesses. We helped Punch Love Women’s Fitness improve sales and lead generation using the StoryBrand Framework. The fitness industry is an extremely competitive industry, we set up an automated Marketing Funnel consisting of StoryBranded Landing Pages, Email lead nurturing and Facebook Messenger Bots to produce a consistent flow of sales and leads.

StoryBrand Gym Case Study


PunchLove Womens Fitness – 2 Locations in Sydney, Australia.



Lack of marketing strategy meant that they were paying too much to acquire and convert leads. But if they stopped marketing, their sales dropped sharply.



  1. We helped the client develop a clear brand message using a StoryBrand BrandScript.
  2. We built a number of simple marketing funnels;
    • Landing Pages with strong lead generators allowed the client to increase the amount of leads captured through their already existing website traffic.
    • An automated email nurturing sequence was established so that leads at the top/middle of the funnel could form an emotional connection with the brand… effectively on-ramping them to the point of conversion.
    • More leads were captured…. less leads were being wasted
  3. Once conversion was optimized, we commenced Facebook ads to drive traffic to the landing pages.
    • More recently we developed a campaign focused on Facebook Messenger Ad’s and Automated Messenger Bots. This campaign effectively bypasses the landing page to increase Conversion. This strategy is used in conjunction with traditional traffic generation strategies.
      The benefit of this strategy is that potential client can download a lead generator without leaving Facebook/messenger.
  4. We then used Facebook Messenger to send a nurturing drip and a series of promotional messages.
    • Why? It’s more personal. we are seeing increased Open Rates and Click Through Rates when compared with email marketing.


Key Results:

  • Lead Generation increased from 2% to 18%, an 800% increase
  • Cost per lead reduced from $9.29 to $3.08 a 66% Reduction
  • Sales / New Customers have increased 4X
  • The business is effectively spending the same amount as they were prior to StoryBrand with a much better ROI.
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Will StoryBrand work for your Brand?


In a recent academic study titled; StoryBrand Narrative Marketing: An Examination of the Influence of Narrative Marketing on organisations (2019), Jonathan Peterson concluded:

“This study shows that implementing the StoryBrand into marketing can have a positive influence on the emotional and financial aspects of an organization.

It does not matter the size, budget, or type of company the organization is. Communicating a clear and compelling story and implementing it in marketing was shown to make a positive difference in the success of an
organization. StoryBrand teaches companies how to tell these kinds of stories and then shows them how to use them in marketing and messaging.

The best way to see positive influence is to thoroughly implement the StoryBrand messaging approach through all areas of marketing and


StoryBrand Testimony From PunchLove


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