Connect With Your Audience: Clarify Your Message with the StoryBrand Messaging Framework

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You might be asking, “What is the Storybrand messaging framework?” or “what is it on us once we get to know it?”


Here’s why:


The possible reason you’re here is you have a problem marketing your brand, products, or services. Have you experienced that you’ve done your best creating the best marketing campaigns, but none of them seems to work?


If your answer is yes, try to pay attention to how you communicate your brand. Do you think that it is clear? But the problem is even if you believe that it is, it might be a different story on your customers’ end.


Thus, you need a brand message framework that can help you communicate to your customers more clearly and effectively.


What Is a StoryBrand Messaging Framework?

The Storybrand messaging framework aims to grab your customers’ interest with the power of storytelling. Our brain is wired to connect to stories, which makes this framework effective.


The Storybrand framework consists of seven elements that can help you clarify the message that you want to tell your target market. This post will focus on the first two elements, the character and the problem.


The Character (The Hero of the Story):

This is your customer and they are also the hero of the story.


Most marketers and business owners get this part wrong. They try their best to show the business as the hero. The question you have to ask here is: Who is your customer?


You may like to read this article on What Is A StoryBrand Buyer Persona. This is the first thing we do here is take our clients through a Buyer Persona. We spend an hour working on their Buyer Person, you may know it under another name “Customer Avatar”.


In most stories you are introduced to the Character very early (well in the good ones you are). This is why doing your Buyer Persona or Customer Avatar is so important. This gives you an insight into the way they think, their problems, challenges, hopes and desires. And more. You will then use it to complete your StoryBrand BrandScript.


Now the StoryBrand Framework begins.


The Problem:

You don’t want to be superficial here. You want to go deep and this is why Donald Miller’s 7 Part StoryBrand Framework has 3 levels in the problem.


– The External:

What is the problem they have. Eg: Do they want to lose weight, do they need a new pair of jeans, are they hungry, do they need to buy a new home, build something.

What is their external need?


– The Internal:

How does this make them feel?

This is where we go deeper. This is where you make a connection with your customer by speaking their pain.

You see the external is just the problem, the internal is the pain. When you start talking about their pain, they can’t help but listen. Eg: They feel ashamed, daggy, angry (have you ever met a hungry person), anxious, determined.


– Philosophical:

This is where belief comes in.

It’s a statement that runs along with the way they are thinking about their problem.

You’ve heard others use statements like these: “It shouldn’t be so hard to lose weight”, “It ought to be easier to find the perfect pair of jeans”, “Food should be easier to find”, “buying a home shouldn’t be this hard”, “Finding a construction company to build my building should be easier”.


Now the tide

•   The problem your customer faces and is trying to overcome.

•   How your business will help them do this by being positioned as the Guide.

•   The steps they need to take to overcome that problem and have success.

•   The benefits to their life they will experience when they have success.

•   The consequence they face is they fail.

•   What ‘Call to Actions” are needed for them to have success.

•   How they will feel when success/victory is theirs.


Besides the Character and the Problem, there are five more elements to know because they are important in clarifying your message. If you want to know more about it, read the article “ What is the 7 Part StoryBrand Framework formula.” You may also schedule a call with James Hannan as he can help you with how you can use this technique in your marketing.

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