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You may have heard Donald Miller talk about the importance of creating a storybrand one liner. It beats the way people typical answer the question, “What do you do?”

Commonly, most people will answer this question in a straightforward but boring way, such as “I help build websites and create social media campaigns.” It is the kind of answer that most people will forget an hour later, especially if you’re in an event where there are a lot of exchanges of messages going on.

Your goal is to become memorable. You do this by answering the question in a way that will establish a connection to others. It is where the Storybrand one liner comes in. Using it correctly will transform the way you describe what your business does, sending your message across to your target audience more clearly.

What Is a One Liner

storybrand one liner

A one liner is a concise statement that you can use to clearly explain what you offer, essentially it’s a distilled version of your BrandScript composed of 3 parts.

It differs from a tagline or mission statement in that the one liner clearly outlines the problem you help your customers solve in a simple, relevant, and repeatable way. It’s the easiest and most compelling way to answer the question, “What do you do?” Also, a tag line is much shorter, and a one liner is 3 paragraphs.

How to Create a One Liner

Creating a one liner and repeating it over and over is a great way to spread the word about what you do and get people to ask for your business.

It’s super easy. Here’s what you need to do to create a winning Storybrand one liner:


Start off by stating the problem or pain point that most of your clients face. One of the biggest mistakes most people make is they provide the solution first. As Donald Miller says “If you are not talking about their problem, they’re not listening”.

You invite your listeners to pay attention by starting with the problem.This is where the story forms. Just like in a movie or good book, it doesn’t get interesting until the hero encounters a problem. By stating the problem, it makes what you say next more interesting.


Talk about your solution to the problem. How you help people fix this problem.

This second part is the best time to tell your target audience what you exactly do. However, make sure to connect it seamlessly with the problem you stated to appear more emotional and natural.


Finally, talk about the success. Clearly explain how your customer will feel after you solve their problem. Invite your audience to visualise what they’ll get with your products or services. It is the happy ending of your short one liner story.

Make this last part sound natural. You do not want to appear manipulative or exaggerating at all.

Here is one of my own one liners as an example to help inspire your own;

[Problem] Many businesses are burning cash on marketing and ads, driving people to websites that don’t convert.

[Solution] I help businesses clarify their marketing message, build websites that work and help them to create simple online social media campaigns.

[Success] Clients that work with us often reduce their marketing spending while increasing leads and sales.

See how our team can drive an insane amount of highly targeted traffic to your website and then convert it. ​​

Websites that sell:
Most websites don’t convert, your’s will.

SEO that ranks:
Get on the first page of Google, guaranteed.

Ads that work:
Clear predictable returns.

Content Marketing:
Our team will create the images, write the articles and grow your brand.

Final Words

If you know Storybrand, you can create your one liner easily. You can get some ideas for the problem from your brandscript’s external, internal, and philosophical problems. You may also make it more intense by including the failure.

As for the reward, you can take it from the success part or the hero’s transformation, which your products or services can help your target audience to achieve.

At Results and Co, we use the power of Storybrand to make your business memorable to your customers. We can help you create a Storybrand one liner that will transform your business’s performance. We understand that you want people to avail your products or services.

To learn more about Storybrand and how it can help your business, schedule a call now.

Watch Donald Miller’s StoryBrand One Liner Exercise

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