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StoryBrand Website Examples - A winning website and my #1 Tip

StoryBrand Website Examples – A Winning Website and My #1 Tip

So you have finally completed your BrandScript, your compelling, clear, one page Brand Story.
Now What?


You need to transpose that message to your website… this is where many people get stuck. Don’t fret, you are not alone!



Don’t aim for perfect, just aim for DONE!


The truth is, no matter how good you are at writing copy or developing clear messaging, you will never achieve a 100% conversion rate. Any real website owner knows that conversion optimization is a process … it takes time, patience, measuring and adjusting!


I have seen so many brands waiting until their design is perfect…. taking forever to launch their new website.

Noooooo…. this is a mistake!


Your website should be a living and breathing organism. You should be making adjustments regularly, based on the numbers, every 30 days or so.


Even if you hire a StoryBrand Guide to create your message and build your site, it shouldn’t stop there. There are opportunities to refine your message, copy, structure, user experience, design etc.


At the very least, you should be measuring:

  • Unique web visits
  • Conversion rate (how many people bought or signed up…. Direct Call to Action)
  • Conversion Rate for your Lead Generator (How many leads did you capture)
  • Your Bounce Rate
  • Time spent on site

Okay, let’s get back to the point of the blog.

You want to see a great StoryBrand Website Example, right?


Moving house can be a big pain in the butt!


Bellhops have made the process sound easy…. in fact, it makes me want to move house just to use their service!


Here’s what makes it special;

StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Above the fold, the header clearly passes the grunt test. It hooks the website visitor immediately painting a picture of the “perfect move”, this is what the customer wants, a stress-free move. The call to action is clear, repeated twice, before you even start to scroll, “Book a Move”.


The language is relaxed, they haven’t tried to cram mountains of information into the home page (like most brands do).


Here is my favorite part:

StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites

Bellhops has thought about what the customer wants, and given it to them immediately.


When developing a “StoryBrand” website, it is not enough to have a ‘clear message’…. you need to ask, what does my customer want next? What are they thinking right now?


Bellhops nailed it! The very next question is; what is the price? How much will this move cost me?


They have included an ingenious ball-park pricing calculator. It moves the user carefully (pun intended) towards the Direct Call to action….. the customer journey is very well thought out.

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