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How to write a StoryBrand One Liner

You may have heard Donald Miller talk about the importance of creating a one liner.

A One Liner is a concise statement that you can use to clearly explain what you offer, essentially it’s a distilled version of your BrandScript composed of 3 parts.

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Get 34 Killer Storybrand Website Examples Built on the StoryBrand Framework

This is your customer and they are also the hero of the story. Most marketers and business owners get this part wrong. They try their best to show the business as the hero. The question you have to ask here is: Who is your customer? You may like to read this article on What Is A StoryBrand Buyer Persona. This is the first thing we do here is take our clients through a Buyer Persona. We spend an hour working on their Buyer Person, you may know it under another name “Customer Avatar”

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Creating Your StoryBrand Buyer Persona Template

You’re about to save yourself a lot of time and a tonne of money by creating your StoryBrand Buyer Persona especially when you link it to your StoryBrand Brandscript and marketing. Grab your copy of our StoryBrand Buyer Personal Template we’ve made for you.

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The StoryBrand Framework

Every story should begin with a character, your customer (or potential customer) who wants something. In movies, writers identify the hero at the start of the movie and, within a matter of minutes, the audience knows what they want. What does your character (your customer) want?

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