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Global Financial Crimes

Most Financial Services Organisations struggle to manage the issue of financial crime and governing laws.
Global Financial Crimes provides workshops and software that help them understand their responsibilities and measure the risks.
They will have confidence and peace of mind that they made the right decisions.

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Their Challenge

Tadeo Jun was relaunching his brand and marketing a new product so needed to get his messaging right in a clear and concise way. 


  • Storybrand Brandscript and Messaging Guide
  •  Storybrand Wireframe
  • Marketing advice and strategy


  • We were able to create a clear brand message and compelling story for them. 
  • They had the words for their wireframe using the Storybrand framework in exactly the right way for their audience. 
  • A delighted client. 

The time, energy, and money I spent with James and his team was one of the best investments I made this year.

“Writing sales and marketing text is not one of my strengths. So, when it was time to build a new website to launch my workshop and scorecard software, I knew I needed professional help if I wanted to do it well.

I’m quite self aware of what my strengths and skills gaps are, so I don’t even try to do something like brandscripts, copywriting or wireframing as I know I’ll only become frustrated spinning my wheels.

So, my goal was to find the right WHO. I’ve been following Donald Miller’s work for a couple of years, so I knew about his Brandscript methodology. The challenge was to look for a Brandscript expert coach and my search led me to James Hannan.

He and I had a discovery call and quickly hit it off. Apart from being an expert coach in this space, he and I shared a common mission of helping the less fortunate through charitable works. That’s very important to me to know that the person I’m working with is a selfless and giving person.

At first, I tried to manage my expectations on the outcomes since my field is very niche (anti-financial crime) and my products extremely technical (risk and compliance workshops and software for financial organisations). But that quickly changed as I got to see James and Naomi work their magic in real time.

They weren’t experts in anti-financial crime but they certainly knew a lot about human psychology, branding and influence and that made them very good at what they do.

For example, during the brandscript deep dive call, they would pose questions to me about the work I do, why I do it, who I serve, etc. They not only made the effort to really understand my answers but in real-time I could see both coming up with clear, concise and catchy re-articulation of my answers that makes it suitable for anybody to understand and create curiosity and interest.

A few examples were:
Become the new benchmark in fighting financial crime
You don’t need a cape to fight financial crime
Fighting financial crime isn’t just a job to us, it’s a mission

I mean James literally came up with these gems on the spot. I was impressed, and it’s not easy to impress me.

The time, energy, and money I spent with James and his team was one of the best investments I made this year.

The end product and the entire experience of working with them exceeded my high expectations.

James and Naomi are a joy to work with. To me, that’s important. I come out of every interaction with them energised. It’s almost like working with a good friend that is also a world-class expert. A win-win.”

Tadeo Jun – Global Financial Crimes

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