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Momentous Planners

Momentous Planners are a set of productivity tools developed by Australian Psychologist, Nicole brown, to utilise what science knows about human behaviour to help people live the lives that they always dreamed of. 

The planners have a step by step process to help you reverse engineer the roadmap to your purpose.

They also help you uncover what truly motivates YOU to achieve your goals and what holds you back.
Momentous Planners
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87 StoryBrand Guide | StoryBrand Websites
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Their Challenge

Nicole was looking for a Storybrand guide who could help her get her messaging right before launching her planner business. She also needed a Shopify website set up. 


  • Storybrand Brandscript and Messaging Guide
  • Shopify Website Design
  • Rebranding
  • Coaching
  • Planner cover 


  • Clear messaging for the launch of her business
  • Beautiful Shopify website design

See The Website

“I was needing help with knowing how to launch my new business and get my message clear. Naomi and James were amazing with guiding me on what to do. They always went above and beyond. I ended up with a beautiful website and learned so much about social media marketing from them. I highly recommend them, they really know their stuff!”

Nicole Brown – Momentous Planners

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