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Step 1

Fill in canva wireframe

Please watch this video first to show you how to fill in the wireframe. 

Important points: 

  • Click the link and click use template.
  • Change the name to your business name and the title of the page. E.g. YOURBUSINESSNAME (homepage), YOURBUSINESSNAME (services).
  • When you are finished, click share and copy the link to add to your form in Step 2.
  • Add any images you use to your dropbox in a folder titled “Website images”. Add the link to this folder in the form in step 2. 

Wireframe Home page: Click here

Wireframe Service Page: Click here

Wireframe About Page: Click here

Wireframe Contact Page: Click Here

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Step 2

Fill in the information form

IMPORTANT: Before you start filling out the form, make sure you have all the information gathered so you don’t have to click out of the form as all your information will be lost. 

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Step 3

Sit back and relax. Your stunning new website will be ready soon!


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