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Imagine a beautiful and compelling vision for your brand.

You deserve a stunning brand, a clear marketing message and a sales funnel that generates leads and grows your business.

Any of this sound familiar?

You are getting lost in the noise online.

You struggle to create a clear and cohesive branding message.

You’re struggling with getting enough leads.

Your competition is leaving you behind.

You feel overwhelmed with marketing and branding.

You can’t attract your dream client.

"I understand how difficult it can be to stand out in your niche, get your brand message clear and attract your dream clients. I'm here to guide you on that journey to building your dream business.

Brand storytelling is the cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes."

Naomi Joy – Empress Branding 

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Certified StoryBrand Guide

Two Marketing Agencies

International Speaker and Trainer

24 years experience in successful Business

Helped women entrepreneurs all over World

Naomi has been a real asset to me personally as a woman. I have found it really difficult to get used to the social media world and she has supported me to no end with zoom calls, phone conversations and texts to see how I am going. Naomi is not only a beautiful person to work with, she is a very gifted and has a passion to help women reach the dreams that they carry. She creates beautiful websites and stunning social media posts that really catch the eye of todays culture. I couldn’t recommend Naomi more highly.
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StoryBrand Framework, Website Design, SEO, Social media management |ResultsandCo
StoryBrand Framework, Website Design, SEO, Social media management |ResultsandCo
storybrand marketing
StoryBrand Framework, Website Design, SEO, Social media management |ResultsandCo
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StoryBrand Framework, Website Design, SEO, Social media management |ResultsandCo

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3 Simple Steps To Elevate Your Brand


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A personal and exclusive plan is created to implement the StoryBrand Framework into your business.



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Your message is now clear, your marketing is on point and your sales are growing.


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Unbreakable Love


StoryBrand Framework, Website Design, SEO, Social media management |ResultsandCo




StoryBrand Framework, Website Design, SEO, Social media management |ResultsandCo




You're meant to succeed in business

When we work together we will create an irresistible brand, compelling website and hypnotic marketing funnel. My team and I have one purpose – to help you succeed.

Get ahead of your competition and feel the sun on your face.

This doesn't mean they lose, it just means you win. You will start to see what it looks like to be out in front.

Create a clear and compelling branding message.

You will no longer confuse your customer. They will love to do business with you.

Become a magnet for leads.

Feel the momentum that is created by having a never ending source of leads eager to do business with you and you alone.

Gain your share of the market.

Everyone has a place in the market. Yours is just meant to be more than it is. You will feel proud of what you acheive.

Have your own marketing team.

We can take care of every aspect of marketing. Never wonder if you are doing the right thing, with us on your side, you will be.

Attract more of your dream clients.

You will become the only answer to your ideal clients.
They are easier to work with, more profitable and love working with you.

Don't let another day go by with a website that doesn't work or a marketing plan that won't get results. Your vision is too important and so are you. Let's talk. Schedule a call now.

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